By Louise Herping Ellegaard -

MYiNNERME supports the Danish Organization of Women’s Crisis Centers, LOKK, by donating free logins to all members of LOKK’s more than 50 women’s shelters to use the app in their work with the children who live in the centres with their mother.

Unfortunately, there is a great need for support, because approx. 1,900 children move to a women’s shelter with their mother every year, and more than 30,000 children witness domestic violence. Studies show that it can be just as harmful to children to be exposed to violence as to witness it themselves.

MYiNNERME gives the pediatric staff at the shelters the opportunity to talk to the children about the difficult feelings they are experiencing. For example, anger that the child may have adopted as an acceptable form of expression because it has experienced its father’s anger towards the mother. Or anger because the child cannot cope with the violence and protect the mother and siblings.

Similarly, grief is often a feeling that needs to be processed when children come to the shelter. For example, the grief of not living with their father – even if he has used violence against their mother. Or the grief of not being able to stay at home, the grief of Dad ruining the toy or the grief of not being able to protect the family.

We hope that MYiNNERME can help and support the shelters in their essential work with the children and are happy to support LOKK.

About LOKK
LOKK represents more than 50 women’s shelters throughout Denmark, their 500 employees and more than 1,500 volunteers. LOKK gather and support the vital, close and local efforts at the shelters. They provide professional knowledge about violence and prevention and make visible the structural societal challenges of gender-based violence. And they work for a better political framework so that the shelters have the best conditions to help abused women and their children on to a safe and secure future without violence.

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