Open your child’s mind

Myinnerme is a psychology app for parents who want to support their children in working with their challenges – and for children who are ready to address the root causes of their challenges to feel better about themselves. Parents download the app on their phones and then invite the child to download the app on their device. The app will give you guidance on how you as an adult can support your child in working with their emotional problems, while the child, with their app, completes playful, research-based courses on issues such as: anger, grief, shyness and insomnia. Myinnerme is based on psychological theories, current psychological research results and years of clinical experience from working with children and adolescents. The app was developed and narrated by Child & Young Adult Psychologist Marie Ulstrup in collaboration with Louise Herping Ellegaard, former co-founder of Clio, and a team of illustrators, developers, etc.

Developed for 8-16-year old children/adolescents and their parents

When both parent and child download the app, you can work together to make the child thrive and feel better about themselves. The courses for children are designed for the age group 8-16 years.

The app is perfect for people who don’t need therapy for their child, but just need help and advice to deal with their child’s problems. It is designed for those who prefer the 100% flexible and confidential help your child can get through an app, and for those whose child has ended up on a very long waiting list for a consultation with a Child & Young Adult Psychologist. The app can also be used as a supplement to an ongoing treatment.

A happier and smarter child

By working with themselves, your child becomes smarter about their inner life. Your child learns about their feelings and thoughts and finds out what they can do to get better. You will experience your child thrive and be happy and proud when he or she can better understand and help themselves. This joy has a spill-over effect on other areas of life – and it is the joy that makes your child feel better.

Our research-based programmes

In Myinnerme you will find 5 courses based on psychological theories, current psychological research results and years of clinical experience from working with children and adolescents.

The exercises in the courses are based on a psychological approach called child-focused cognitive behavioural therapy. It is an inspiring and practical way to tackle and overcome your challenges.

We’re working to expand the list of courses so that you can find help with your child’s specific challenges.


Get a child in better balance


Help your child through grief


Get help with your Covid concerns


Social Anxiety

Work with your child's social anxiety


Help your child deal with bullying

bullying kids

It’s a relief to use an app,
so you don’t necessarily have
to discuss your anger openly.

Boy 16 years

It’s nice that you are in controlof the
pace of the dialogue – you can
pause, rewind and so on.

Girl 14 years

Everything is explained in a very
educational manner therefore
even I understand it much better now.


The app was very user-friendly,
which is why you don’t even
notice you are using an app.

Girl 12 years

I was paying more attention
and I put in an extra effort
because it was an app.

Boy 17 years