How to get started with MYiNNERME

By Marianne Ingeborg -

Have you just purchased a family subscription for MYiNNERME and are you wondering how to get started? Then do continue reading. 

MYiNNERME is designed with two tracks of separate content – one for children and one for parents. By approaching the content from different angles, you as a parent will learn about how best to support your child, while your child will learn how to work with their problems and difficult emotions through exercises tailored to their specific struggles. As a witness to your child’s hardships, you may feel very motivated to get started with the app, even if your child doesn’t. 

We know how hard it can be to motivate the family’s child or teenager, especially since the app makes them work with sensitive topics that can be sore to deal with. We therefore want to help with 7 useful tips on how to motivate your child or teenager to start using the app regularly – maybe even on a daily basis. This way, the whole family can get started with the app and together, you can help your child thrive again. 


7 tips to motivate the family’s teenager

1.“Why do I need MYiNNERME?”

Use some time as a family to discuss the reasons why you’ve decided to use MYiNNERME’s programmes to work with your problems. This will help give everyone a better understanding of how important it is to get started with the app and to face the difficult emotions. 

2.Be patient

In the start, try to lower your expectations and don’t share your frustrations, if your child isn’t using the app regularly. Instead, you can try to remind them that you and the rest of the family are using the app, and that you’ll have a better chance at helping each other and fixing your problems, if your child uses it too. Do share your enthusiasm regarding the app, so they can be inspired by hearing about your own experiences with MYiNNERME. Also, if you have feedback regarding the app, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we constantly strive to make the app as useful and effective as possible! 

3.Try doing a session together

Try listening to one of the sessions and answering the questions together – this can help you both get going with the app. This might even show your child that it’s okay to deal with difficult emotions and answer big questions – it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. 

Another tip: ask your child to show you a program on their profile, both because their youth-tailored content is different from yours, and because it can help them foster a sense of assuredness and confidence in using MYiNNERME

4.Share your experiences with each other 

Talk about the exercises. Share your own experience with the app and some of the thoughts and questions that cross your mind after a session – especially the ones that are difficult to process or answer. Maybe you feel like it’s hard to take note of your reflections in the diary. Share this too! This tip is all about making ample room for your child, so that they feel like they can ask for help and guidance, without disappointing you or themself. 

5.Give them responsibility. 

Be patient with your child and give them a few days (but not more) where you don’t ask them if they’re using MYiNNERME or how they feel it’s going with the app. This can help strengthen their sense of responsibility and may help them realise the role they play in working with their own challenges. By giving your child more responsibility, you also boost their motivation to take it. 

Another tip: you can also show your child how to turn on personal reminders in the app, so they get a regular motivation boost that reminds them to complete their daily session in MYiNNERME. Find this function in the app under “profile” and “my reminders”. 

6.Set goals

Yet another way of motivating your teenager is by setting achievable goals or deadlines. Just remember, these need to be realistic – you can’t expect them to use the app every day in the start. It’s also a good idea to get them involved in setting these deadlines or goals for how they want to use the app and that you make sure these are clear and consistent. 

7.Remember to have fun

It doesn’t have to be so serious – it’s allowed to be fun! We’ve used time on making the exercises and animations interactive so that they’re more engaging for kids and teenagers. If you want to make the app even more exciting for your family, you can find some inspiration in the following suggestions: 

  • Over dinner, your family can take turns at sharing their own experience with a session, or you can all try to listen to one together
  • You can all write down your reflections on a piece of paper, decorate them, and hang them up on a wall or on the fridge
  • You can buy a shared diary for the whole family, so all family members can use it to write down thoughts and reflections and also be allowed to read each others’
  • You can also put small prizes at stake, when you work on setting the goals and deadlines for how you use the app. It’s always a good idea to have some external motivation! If this sounds exciting, you can read more in our blogpost about daily rewards to motivate your child.