As a parent you know what an amazing experience it is to hold your newborn baby in your arms and what a satisfying feeling it can be to see your child grow up.

But you also know that life with children is not worry-free. From the first concerns about eating, sleep and health to concerns about well-being at school and long wakeful nights when your teenage child first ventures into the world of nightlife.

MYiNNERME is a psychology app for parents who want to support their children in working with their challenges – and for children who are ready to address the root cause of their challenges and feel better about themselves.

Maybe you have a problematic relationship with your child?

Maybe your child has some challenges in their relationships with their peers?

It may be that your child is scared, sad, lonely or insecure? Maybe you’re just worried that your child’s troubled?

This is all completely normal: Many children and young people have challenges, so your child is far from alone.

Your child’s problems may be so great that they seem impossible to solve. Or perhaps you just don’t know how.

It may also be that your child doesn’t need therapy, but simply needs support, help and advice to deal with their challenges.

But that help can be hard to find. The pressure on child psychologists is high, and waiting lists are long – and maybe you don’t really know if it’s even necessary to turn to a psychologist.

MYiNNERME is designed for those who don’t want to consult a psychologist but would still like to work with the problems and see their child strengthened with the flexibility and confidentiality an app can offer. MYiNNERME is also for those who have ended up on a long waiting list for a child psychologist – and for those who want a supplement to an ongoing treatment.

The idea behind MYiNNERME

My name is Marie Ulstrup, and I am a licensed psychologist and specialist in child and young adult psychology. I find that more and more children and young people seek out professional help to understand and deal with their problems. This means that the pressure on child and young adult psychologists like me is increasing and that waiting lists are getting longer.

That’s why I came up with the idea for an app for children and young people with emotional problems, which offers treatment courses combining technology and motivational therapy; an app where you and your child get access to professional, evidence-based advice 24 hours a day. Where you can work with your problems at your own pace.

I therefore contacted my old high-school friend, Louise Herping Ellegaard, former founder of Clio, and persuaded her to join me on my mission. Between us, we have over 15 years of experience in psychology, education and the IT industry. The goal of MYiNNERME is to combine our shared knowledge of psychology and digital communication to create a digital solution for families who are dealing with emotional problems.

Research-based mental training centre for children and their adults

MYiNNERME is a health app for children and adolescents and their adult carers. The app contains courses based on psychological theories, current psychological research results and years of clinical experience from working with children and adolescents.

The exercises in the app are based on a psychological approach called child-focused cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). It is an inspiring and practical way to tackle and overcome your challenges. The method is popular and is used in the treatment of many different mental health issues in children and adolescents.

It is known today, that mental health problems can be prevented with early guidance. Guiding children and young people to relate to their inner world, MYiNNERME can therefore act as a preventive measure.

The app can also serve as a supplement to current treatment or as a helpful tool for those of you who are waiting for psychological or other professional treatment for your child. The insights provided by the app can be also be an advantage when incorporated and used in other courses of treatment.

MYiNNERME is primarily developed for children and adolescents aged 8-16 years. It also addresses you who are a parent or other adult to the child, so that you can support your child in the development that working with MYiNNERME‘s courses sets in motion. If the app is used by younger children, they need help answering the questions in the app’s diary.

This means that all courses have two parallel tracks – one for your child and one for you.

No pain, no gain

Working with yourself is not easy. It can hurt, and both you and your child can encounter many difficult feelings and thoughts along the way. But it should actually hurt a little before it can do any good. Just as you can have sore muscles after a strength training session: It means that you’ve worked with your muscles – which makes them better and stronger.

Similarly, your child becomes better and stronger from working with themselves and their problems. You could say that MYiNNERME is a mental gym that makes your child stronger and better at understanding and dealing with the problems he or she encounters.

Maybe your child has experienced the joy and pride of getting better at something? For example, mathematics, football or playing guitar. Similarly, your child can be happy and proud when he or she gets better at understanding themselves.

This joy has a spill-over effect on other areas of life – and it is partly this joy that makes your child feel better from working with themselves.

Amazing!!!!! Its helping with bullies and grief alot

In-app Feedback

Thank you MYiNNERME, for helping me understand my child through one of their toughest journeys in life. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to even more courses being released!”


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“The App has given me valuable insights into the at times difficult emotions going through the mind of my troubled youngster during his move into adolescence.


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“Great app to deal with kids and emotions”


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“Fabulous App that helps children struggling with difficult emotions”


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