Family Subscription

The app is not an alternative to spending 120 USD per session with a psychologist. The app is mainly intended as a preventative tool.

With a family subscription, you’ll have the option of sharing your subscription
with your whole family. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or purchase an
annual subscription.

Monthly subscription

3.49 USD
Pay every month.
Cancel any time.

Quarterly subscription

10.49 USD
Pay every 3rd month.
Cancel any time.

Yearly subscription

17.99 USD
Pay once a year.
Cancel any time.

It’s a relief to use an app,
so you don’t necessarily have
to discuss your anger openly.

Boy 16 years

It’s nice that you are in controlof the
pace of the dialogue – you can
pause, rewind and so on.

Girl 14 years

Everything is explained in a very
educational manner therefore
even I understand it much better now.


The app was very user-friendly,
which is why you don’t even
notice you are using an app.

Girl 12 years

I was paying more attention
and I put in an extra effort
because it was an app.

Boy 17 years