In the MYiNNERME app, you will find a selection of high-quality self-care and Mindfulness programmes for better mental health. The app and programmes are designed for children aged 8-16 years old and their parents/guardians.
The MYiNNERME CBT programmes are developed by our founder & chief psychologist Marie Ulstrup.
The MYiNNERME also offer a selection of programs created by our trusted content creators, who are professionals in children’s and families mental health. Here you will find a selection of our trusted content creators.


Mindfulness for Children is created by Pia & Jannick, who themself has gone from a stressful everyday life with too much chaos to a family life where they all recharge when they are together. Mindfulness and meditations became their salvation and now they are sharing the universe of Mindfulness for Children to help other families find peace, presence and coziness together.

Mindfulness for Children is available for both children and parents. The programme is available in English, Danish & Swedish


Familie Tjek is created by psychologist Heidi Agerkvist, who in this program focuses on supporting the parents by implementing changes in everyday life that last. In this program, there is a focus on the families and the close collaboration with the children. 

Familie Tjek is available created for parents and available in Danish